The Houston Association of Retired Teachers (HART), is a local unit of the Texas Association of Retired Teachers (TRTA). 

We are now accepting membership renewals for 2019-2020.  Download and print the membership form below OR, pay below with PayPal.  If you are a renewing member, and we have your CORRECT name, address, phone number, and email, you do NOT have to fill out a membership form!  Simple mail your check for $45 ($35 for TRTA and $10 for HART), payable to HART, to the address below.

Membership Form: 

To contact HART and/or to join:

Our address is–

P. O. Box 6727
Houston, Texas  77265-6727

If you would like to attend one of our meetings, click on the tab above “Upcoming HART Get Togethers” for place, dates, and time.  HART field trips must be signed up for in advance.

WHY should you join HART and TRTA?  

  1.  To have a voice on the issues that confront our Texas state government regarding our retirement benefits and health insurance.
  2. To be able to attend monthly HART meetings to stay informed about issues that affect our future as retired educators.
  3. To be able to support HART’s programs which include Books For Children, HART’s Scholarship Fund, HART’s Continuing Education Fund for Teachers , and HART’s support of the Stilwell Memorial Residence for Retired Educators.
  4. To be able to patriciate in monthly fun field trips to places of interest in the greater Houston area.

Voting is your sacred right and responsibility as an American citizen. Only 1 out of every 3 eligible Texans voted in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections.*1 We must do better in 2018! Your vote does make a difference and your vote does count. We encourage all TRTA members to be an informed electorate. We encourage all TRTA members to be a voting electorate.  Click here to read more:  Vote Newsletter copy





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HART was proud to present five $1000 scholarships to students from Houston Baptist University majoring in education and planning to become teachers. At left, in the first row are Dr. Christy Sterling, Associate Dean; Kanchan Gurung-Doll, who received the Sallie, Louise, and Hazelle McCarty Endowed Scholarship; Emely Benitez, who received the Hubert Walling Endowed Scholarship; Nancy Prestamo, who received the Margaret Rose McLelland Endowed Scholarship; Mlalika Lund, winner of the Laverne Havarn Endowed Scholarship; and HART member George Havarn. Leah Townsend, recipient of the Pauline Moss Crouch Endowed Scholarship was unable to attend.

Behind them are members of the Scholarship Selection Committee: Debbie Hall, Marcy Cann, Ken Harrell, Bill Young, Jane Eixmann, and Mary Mattison. 


We have added a new page to our website entitled STAY SAFE!  This contains information that HART receives that we feel we should pass on to our members so that they can remain safe and vigilant!

Find the Austin office telephone numbers of your Texas state senators and representatives by clicking here:

Who represents me in the Texas Legislature and how do I contact them?

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