Community Volunteer Service

As a HART member, we ask that you keep tract of  the number of volunteer hours you have each year.  This information is gathered up from all TRTA members across the state and reported to the members of the Texas Legislature as well as to the general public.  It shows everyone the tremendous value to the economy of this state of all the volunteer hours our members provide.

To report this information each year, please submit the appropriate form below:

In 2013, TRTA members contributed 5,221,080 volunteer hours. The Independent Sector estimated the value of a volunteer hour to be $23.40. This could be considered a gift of $122,173,272 given to Texas.


HART: A Service & Action Organization

The list of possible community service activities for HART members to make a difference in their communities is endless. A brief list of suggestions and categories in which hart members can contribute includes:

School related activities

Serve on school boards and/or school-related committees; act as aides by assisting elementary classroom teachers; tutor for state test and other area where extra help is needed; speak about experiences to classes; read to students or listen to readers; act as playground monitors; present art, music or craft programs; work at athletic or literary events; act as judges for essays, art, music competitions; mentor a child. (Any unpaid job at/for school for which you donate your time.)

Community Volunteer Service

Participate in service clubs such as Lions, Shriners, etc.; organizations such as AARP, RTA, Heritage Clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts; volunteer to work in hospitals, nursing homes, senior citizen centers, Meals on Wheels; emergency management training activities such as Red Cross, ham radio operators, blood bank; volunteer at the public library assisting or storytelling; install officers for organizations; sit with hospital patients; care for grandchildren while mother works; assist with ticket sales for community activities such as home tours; act as Docent for home tours, city tours, historical places, etc.; assist with community theatre box office; assist a needy neighbor or friend by mowing lawn, repairing lawn mower, assisting with plumbing/electrical problems, changing oil, repairing fence; jury duty; assist homebound with transportation, meals; adopt a section of highway; act as Big Brother or Sister; work on community-wide celebration or activity; volunteer clowning; volunteer in museum.

Religious/church activities

Teach Sunday School classes; be a camp counselor; collect food or clothing for needy; work in food bank; keep nursery; serve as nursing home volunteer; sing in the choir or play a musical instrument for worship services/funerals; play in or instruct hand bell choir; prepare communion; feed the family of a deceased member; serve on church committees; help senior adults or other groups; volunteer in church office.

Assisting senior citizens or disabled

Shop for groceries/medicine; figure income tax; transport to medical appointments; make home repairs; make phone calls to check on those without families; participate in nursing home programs/visitations.